Richmond Ecowaste Landfill fire under control

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Richmond Ecowaste Landfill fire under control

Fire crews say the 5000 square feet of waste was up in flames at the Eco Waste Landfill in Richmond, is under control.

Batallion Chief Trevor Johnson says though a cause has not been determined, an investigator likely won’t be called in.

“Unless we can determine that there is a need, if we find something suspicious, we will call out a fire investigator. But at this point, these things just tend to happen on a yearly basis at these landfills.”

Johnson says crews arrived at the scene around 4pm.

No one has been injured.


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  1. Note to Metro Mayors:
    You do realize that there is quite a bit of useable land around the corner of Cambie and 12th. It would make an ideal eco-waste landfill. It’s centrally located – hence would reduce all those evil, global warming pollutants that are released when waste is transported out to Richmond and Delta. There’s even a nearby fire hall; absolutely an ideal location. If we took away all the parking spaces and forced those working or visiting there to ride bikes, you could even install that big burner you folks are proposing on the site.
    As a further bonus, you wouldn’t even have to go through all the turmoil from Delta citizens (or those in other areas) when you try to dump it in our neighbourhood. You could use your TransLink police to watch over the site in order to prevent the lefty-loons from setting fire to it or doing something else ‘untoward’. See, even found something useful for your Transit police to do. Sounds like a win-win. What you say Moonbeam; want to take one for the team?