Former cop Kash Heed has a new job in pot industry

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Former cop Kash Heed has a new job in pot industry

A man who used to be a police chief, the head of a police drug squad, and Solicitor General of B.C., is now a security consultant for medical marijuana growers.

Kash Heed says he advises new commerical growers on how to keep their businesses safe from organized crime.

He says, “So it was a natural fit at a time where we’ve moving this industry from that grey area, that illicit market, to a commercial-based, responsible operation here in Canada.”

He also helps countries, such as the United States and Uruguay, develop policy that moves toward desciminalizating marijauana.

Heed has spoken out on the failings of the war on drugs since 2001.


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  1. Kash Heed..What a joke, Jumps ship and now marijuana is the best thing since sliced bread.
    After smashing in heads and kicking in doors to get to the dregs of society for smoking the
    evil herb..Throwing people in jail, criminal records, life’s ruined for what??.. For nothing thats
    What. He should be charged for being a menace on society. He sees the cash candle burning and he wants a piece of it. Hes a joke!