Auditor-General’s report not surprising to some

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Auditor-General's report not surprising to some

The City of Vancouver’s Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee says the Auditor General’s findings on provincial support for people living with disabilities is not surprising.
Chair Jill Weiss says all of the services are completely disjointed, and the way services are provided is a barrier in itself.

“The regular rate is 900 dollars a month, that’s barely more than the rent of an average one bedroom apartment in Vancouver.”

Weiss says access is also an issue.

“There are virtually no wheelchair accessible suites available to people in BC, they are all taken up.”

Russ Jones has written a report which also questions the process for getting benefits.


  1. Ronnie_26. Once, in a very little while you make sense. Not much but once in a while. BUT what the HELL does Jim Iker have to do with this???????????????????????????????

    Please enlighten us all !!!!

    • Thank you. I was responding to Paul’s “bonus” comment which took me to the offer of a signing bonus on the bargaining table to get the teacher issue finally done. Disability cheques (which I fully agree should be more in many cases) come from limited Provincial revenues. If the BCTF demands more than their share, less is avalable for other needs. Ya, I know it’s a stretch but the basic concept works.