Parents urge others to have children vaccinated

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Parents urge others to have children vaccinated

Beckett and sister

A North Vancouver family is urging parents to get their children vaccinated after their son,  who was undergoing chemotherapy,  nearly died after contracting chicken pox from an unvaccinated child.

Jason Lawson says his ten-year-old son Beckett had returned to school after undergoing chemo four years ago for leukemia, when he got chicken pox from a child in his school who had not been vaccinated for the disease.

Lawson says as a result, his son with a compromised immune system, landed back in hospital for ten days.

His message to parents:  “The vaccinations are out there they’re provided, they’re free, they’re well studied and I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect your children, protect yourself but also to make sure you’re protecting your community and not spreading disease within your community.”

Lawson says it’s much safe to get the vaccine than to get the disease.


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    • They are only proven to show an antigen response and that is about it. They do not give life long immunity. They have though been shown to cause more harm than what they claim to protect. It makes no sense that putting heavy metals, toxins, chemicals, foreign proteins and human fetal dna into a human is somehow safe.

  1. How do they know an unvaccinated child spread the chicken pox to their son? The vaccine only provides protection for some people who get it and it certainly does not last very long. People used to get the chicken pox naturally which would give them life long immunity which mothers pass on to their children through natural child birth and breast feeding. But since vaccinating started, the protection from chicken pox has actually gone down. The vaccinated only have partial protection for a short time and then become vulnerable to greater forms of the disease later in life. Study the history of our vaccinated diseases and you will see that most have them had already declined substantially BEFORE the vaccines were even invented.

  2. Who is pushing this? —Doctors and drug companies.
    Who makes money on this? — Doctors and drug companies.

    Have you ever met a person of last generation’s Thalidomide?

    Didn’t this same Medical officer recently admit that they guessed the wrong strain when they forced nurses to have flu shots last year and many endured a week of the flu and lifelong asthma for now public benefit?