Groper sought in Coquitlam

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

Coquitlam Mounties are hunting for a suspect after a woman was sexually assaulted May 1st.
Cpl. Jamie Chung says the woman was inappropriately groped after getting off of a bus on Como Lake Avenue near Westwood Street.

“The suspect is described as a male in his early 20′s. He’s about 5’7 in height and medium build. He has a dark complexion and hair, possibly First Nations. At the time he was wearing a baseball cap and light coloured clothing.”

Chung adds the woman was unharmed.


  1. Unless the lady just came forward today one can only come to the conclusion that the RCMP are once again a day late and a dollar short when it comes to the public being apprised regarding public safety.

  2. I love (can you feel the sarcasm?) these stories – a woman was “inappropriately groped”.
    Cpl. Jamie Chung: Is there such a thing as being appropriately groped?
    Just another symptom of PC and RCMP policies. There are times I wish our police forces would stop trying not to offend the criminals. Feel free to substitute things like slime-bucket or creep for suspect.
    How about being a bit more timely – or is this now timely for our “Queens Cowboys’? As Cameron states the event was May 1 – we ask for help two weeks later. I’m surprised they even dared to mention he was possible First Nations. Are we to hear the “Racism Card” played next?

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