Another battle line has been drawn between teachers and the province

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Another battle line has been drawn between teachers and the province

While the province backs off on its contentious ten year deal and the BC Teachers Federation welcomes the move all is still not rosy between the two sides.

Peter Cameron the provincial government’s lead negotiator confirms a bill for roughly five-million-dollars is still on its way to the teacher’s union for health costs.

BCTF President Jim Iker says the union is not waiting for the bill to arrive and has already filed with the Labour Relations Board to dispute it.

“We have made an application to the Labour Relations Board. We haven’t heard back from them. We haven’t yet recieved any kind of invoice from the employer on this issue. It is something that BCPSEA has said that they are going to do. It doesn’t help get us an agreement that is for sure.”

The Province pledged to send the five-million dollar bill monthly to teacher’s union until a deal gets done.

he first payment is due June First barring the LRB saying otherwise.


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  1. To BCTF . You keep telling us how concerned you are about class sizes, Sounds to me like you are only interested in keeping more teachers employed as students are disappearing from public schools.
    I remember when you tried to have a Principals system rotation which turned out to be more about the size of your Pensions it would appear. Pensions that are FAR in excess of people in the private world that we ,the taxpayers pay in more than you do.
    How about worrying about us. The Taxpayers!!

  2. D….so reduce a teachers pay because they teach all their classes, do report cards, mark homework, take kids on field-trips, communicate with parents, communicate with administrators about student safety issues. Just because elementary teachers don’t supervise at 10 minute recess…all teachers in province should have pay docked for doing the most important thing teachers do everyday…TEACH!

    • You’re not keeping up, are you? They have pulled out of other activities that are part of their contract. If the BCTF can use a threat against a child’s education to get a bigger salary, makes sense to use a teacher’s salary to get a deal. And it’s in the contract that they signed?

  3. Threats, harassment, bad faith, back-to-work edits, clawbacks. Funny how the province never tries those tactics in court. The appeal is due. See you in court. It’s the only place where teachers have made any real progress in the past 13 years. It’ll be interesting to see how the province’s top-drawer corporate lawyer and Madame Chief Justice get along. Very different career paths I’d say.