Petition delivered to Legislature urging repeal of Bill Four

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Environmentalists unfurled a petition with 166-thousand names at the legislature today calling for the repeal of Bill Four.

Gwen Barlee with the Wilderness Committee says the bill will allow industrial development in BC parks, something Environment Minister Mary Polak has adamantly denied.

Barlee “Well she’s telling an untruth I would say because her own briefing books showed over 20 parks in BC that were going to potentially have their boundaries adjusted to permit industrial development, including transmission lines, including oil and gas lines, including logging.”

The government says the bill simply formalizes the ability to conduct research in parks.

Gwen Barlee, Policy Director with the Wilderness Committee


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  1. “The government says the bill simply formalizes the ability to conduct research in parks.”
    I bet the above statement came from energy minister Bill Bennett’s book of big ones. I wish I could obtain a copy.

    Yes, research in parks is right up there with “families first” in things to do immediately. Transparency in government? Well, I believe they’re working on that one. Remember one thing though. The brightest minds in government are at the controls. You’re in good hands with BC Liberals.

  2. Research yeah right , kinda like the Japanese whaling fleet just doing research when it kills whales.
    This government doesn’t work for us they are corporate finger puppets.

  3. There is a fundamental mistrust of the BC Liberal government….and for good reason. Over the past few years the Liberals have played fast and loose with the truth repeatedly …..anyone need to be reminded of the HST, BC Rail etc etc ??

    • Just one more example of mistrust well placed.

      BC Hydro to pay out losing Site C Dam bidders

      “This is bound to raise the eyebrows of BC Hydro customers who are about to see rates climb 9% on April 1st.

      The Crown corporation, Which is still seeking approval for a new dam in the Peace Valley, has already put the call out for contractors.

      Project spokesman Dave Conway confirms two LOSING bidders will be paid 200-thousand dollars.

      “One of those three pre-qualified contractors would win the award. The two remaining ones would receive $200,000 dollars for the amount of time and work that they have to put into this very extensive process.”

      While Conway insists no work on the proposed Site C dam will start before next year, Joe Foy with the Wilderness Committee says British Columbians should be outraged.

      “They should stand down and not be advertising for crew camps for a project that’s under review. Site C Dam is a huge white elephant.”

      Foy says the proposed dam will destroy farmland, violate aboriginal rights and cost taxpayers too much money.

      “The average citizen is going to think the fix is in!

      Our tax dollars mean squat to the corrupt BC Liberals. They call us wallets, and laugh all the way to the bank.