Burnaby Mayor urges Vancouver City Council to reject Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

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Burnaby Mayor urges Vancouver City Council to reject Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

Burnaby’s Mayor has paid a visit to Vancouver City Hall, urging council to “guard the public interest” when it comes to the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Derek Corrigan says Burnaby will be impacted the most by the twinning of the pipeline, but Vancouver could also face 34 additional tankers coming into local waters monthly.

He says it is not a matter of if there will be an accident, but when, “The fact is there will be a disaster at some point.”

Meanwhile, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says the city should be holding its own meetings to give residents a chance to express their concerns about the pipeline, since he says the National Energy Board is trying to restrict public input.


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  1. Right, the same anti-progress NIMBY wingnut who opposed the replacement of the Port Mann bridge, citing concerns about increased traffic. Actually the new bridge helped people leave Burnaby.

  2. Nice work Derek Corrigan, for a man who as I understand it is holds a class one drivers licence how will the starvation of oil benefit truck drivers. Oh yes,I forgot you are different than the rest of the pack now.

    If I FOI your expenses with the City of Burnaby am I going to find claims for mileage and the like for your vehicle, or a three zone pass monthly claimed by you for Translink.

    I can see that the logic and common sense of the NDP has not improved with your front and center move of late.

    The supply chain costs my friend for family goods will continue to spiral upward unless more forward thinking folks like Kinder Morgan are able to grow without the fear mongering that the NDP “Boogieman” tries to sell.

    Smart free thinking people who are not applying “farm mentality” will embrace and be comfortable with the new pipeline and shipping methods and technology.

    So find a new soap box to stand on.

  3. One spill and the harbor and coast are dead forever and if you think an oil spill can be cleaned up , go up the coast and have a look at the remains of the Exxon Valdez spill.They spent over 3 billion way back then and just washed the rocks off.
    You guys have your heads buried in the oily sand .
    Refine this product in Canada for Gods sakes where it’s needed.

  4. Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan and his bosom buddy Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberson are completely out to lunch on the pipeline issue. Not a surprise as these two narrow thinking short term thinkers of the NDP cloth despise job creation, industry, or anything that might provide tax revenues to government to fund people programs.

    Both these NDP nuts scream about the need for major projects amounting to millions of dollars, yet these same twits refuse to allow industry to expand or do anything that might bring in tax revenue. They are both clueless.

  5. The ONLY reason I can say not to increase pipeling capacity at the present time because that irreplacable commodity will worth a LOT MORE years from now.

    As of what WOULD happen IF there’s a leak on the pipelin or IF a ship hits a reef or shore, so far is it more tha Sixty years the Burnaby refinery was i operation without any major accicents EXCEPT when due to HUMAN error some contracor hit the pipe with some heavy equipment and it sprung a leak.

    The ONLY major accident with oil tankers happened in Alaska when due to human error the Exxon Valdez hit the shore.

    I we keep on worry ing what COULD happen might as well stay in bed for the rest of our lived becaus going out to the street can be hit by a car. Or a bicycle. So BAN Cars and bikes too because there WILL be accidents.

    Aside from that, the only consideration will BC PROFIT from the pipelines going trough the province after the construction is finished? IF there’s significant gain in permanent jobs, go ahead, if not, forget it.

    • There has been lots of pro and con discussion about long term jobs for BC with the pipeline. I don’t think it’s a huge part of the equation though. Jobs and wealth will be produced for a few years of construction and then Alberta will be the bigger winner and that’s good for the Canadian economy. Those Alberta royalties to Ottawa will be a huge boost to the bigger economy and will therefore result in less needed from BC’rs. Win win.