Feds announce more pipeline safety measures (Updated)

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Feds announce more pipeline safety measures (Updated)

The Federal Government announced new measures in Vancouver today to ensure pipeline companies pick up the tab for any spills, as Cabinet prepares to announce its decision on the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline project next month.

Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford says under the new rules, pipeline companies will have absolute liability in the event of a spill, which means they will have to pay all costs without needing to be proven negligent or at fault.

“We will also be providing authority for the National Energy Board to assume control of incident response in exceptional circumstances. Those costs are recoverable from industry to ensure taxpayers are protected.”

Rickford was questioned about the timing of this announcement.

“This is not tied to a specific project, I think it’s fair to say there are a number of projects across the country at any point in the process, this is about a world class pipeline and tanker system regime.”

BC’S Transportation Minister Todd Stone says he is encouraged by the news.

“The announcement frankly both yesterday, the announcement today by the federal government, in our opinion, represent very good steps in the right direction, in terms of developing world class spill response, preparedness and recovery guidelines.”

Stone adds the piece of public policy is “largely congruent” with BC’s five conditions with respect to pipeline development.

Yesterday Transport Minister Lisa Raitt announced changes to marine safety regulations around oil spills, including a 400-million dollar compensation fund to cover the costs of a marine spill.

B.C. is in the midst of a divisive debate about two major pipeline proposals, Enbridge’s Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan’s expansion of its Trans Mountain line, both of which would traverse the province with diluted bitumen from Alberta.


  1. All of this is good ….but the underlining assumption is that with enough money , there can be an effective cleanup. The reality is that bitumen sinks and that the current spill recovery technology is ineffective for bitumen recovery.

  2. Twenty-five years after Exxon Valdez and there is still oil on the ocean floor. There is still oil under the rocks on the shoreline. Yes, we’ll clean it up boys! Look into my eyes.

    • 60% of all oil in the oceans is from seepage from the ocean floor . . . has been going on for millenia . . . . if you took a little time to do some research you would also find that there are microbs that break down oil, the parts that don’t evaporate.
      Why do you suppose the billions of barrels of bunker fuel that were released into the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and the South Pacific during WW II are not still floating about?

      And of course the 64 thousand dollar question . . . What do we replace oil and gas with tomorrow?

      Our economic well-being, our long comfortable lives are ALL due to inexpensive fossil fuels . . . what would we look like without them?

  3. What a pile of BS this is as stupid as the trickle down economy… It all comes back to the taxpayer being on the hock…., (when the company is unable or {unwilling} to respond) unwilling says it all just look at the way the Enbridge still hasn’t cleaned up the Kalamazoo river

    • You are welcome to live like “Little House on the Prairie” at any time . . . .

      Get rid of your car, cell phone, all plastics and petroleum based goods . . . and live like your 19th century relatives . . . no one is stopping you . . . but you won’t . . . you just spout nonsense.

      Civil war . . . with the Enviro-loons ? Will last about 4 minutes and you will look like the Greensleeze clowns that climbed the Russian drill ship . . . . lol

  4. Exxon has still, after all these years, NOT paid the fines for their spill. They just tie up the courts and will for years, all while announcing record profits and ripping us all off at the pumps.
    Enbridge has not finished cleaning up the Kalamazoo river spill because the bitumen sits on the bottom! It has cost Enbridge over a BILLION dollars even on that small river! And all that is needd there is to drive trucks up to the riverbank! In Douglas Channel there is NO access for any vehicles! Our Canada fund for cleanup is 400 million, after that the taxpayer will pay!
    Even the new announcement from Greg Rickford will be contected in court while the people suffer. And our BC Minister Mary Polack, say it is complex! Meaning SHE doesn’t understand it as usual but will do what she is told.

  5. The fact that I see you need to moderate comments makes me suspicious of CKNW because as we all know, they are the political arm of the Liberal Government.

  6. A step in the right direction, but not nearly far enough. $400Million? What a joke. Let’s make it real Todd. How about posting of a $4Billion bond to be used for clean-up and adjust it annually. Better to have too much rather than too little, because a spill will happen and the taxpayer will have to pick up the tab.