Cold case killer dies in prison

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Cold case killer dies in prison

A man doing life in prison on a first degree murder conviction has died behind bars at Kent Institution.

40 year old David Langlet was found collapsed in his cell {May 9th} and could not be revived.

Langlet was handed life in prison in connection with a “cold case” murder in Surrey.

Back in 2000, he shot and killed drug dealer Shayne Preece in behind a restaurant at 100th and 152nd street in Surrey.

The case went cold until 2009, when a man who’d been involved with two murders, including this one, went to police, was paid for his efforts, and Langlet was busted in a so-called “Mr. Big” operation.


  1. I’m feeling sorry for any family that he may have left behind.And I shed no tears when a murderer dies in prison.But I’d be feeling better if it was a low life that murdered one of our women or children that had passed away,as opposed to someone who shot a drug dealer.
    After all,those convicted of killing women and children are alive and well in prison right now,but destined to be free in our communities in the not to distant future.

    • Doug, the solution would be to accidently put them into the general prison population and let the other inmates deal with them. Protective custody should not be available to anyone behind bars.