Spike in domestic violence murders prompts call for more mental health counseling

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

In the wake of another murder-suicide in B-C, a psychology professor is calling for more community support for mental health.

Zachary Walsh with UBC Okanagan says it’s likely not copycatting that’s led to three murder-suicides in the past six weeks.

 ”I think we tend to underestimate just how much domestic violence there is out there. When a couple cases like this come along, it just reminds us just how serious this problem is.”

Last month in Prince Rupert, a mother killed herself and her teenage son, who had autism.   In Saanich, Police say it’s possible a man was responsible for both his and his wife’s death two weeks ago. And this weekend, a man and woman who had a history of domestic abuse were found dead in East Vancouver.

Walsh says the murder-suicide combination shows how important it is to address mental health problems early. He says more funding for individual counselling in the community would go a long way.


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