Public release of Metro transit plan hits a snag

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Public release of Metro transit plan hits a snag

It is going to take a little longer than expected to publically unveil a ten year transit vision put together by Metro Vancouver mayors.

Chair of the Translink’s mayors council Richard Walton says instead of this week or next the public likely won’t see it now until mid-June.

“The logistics of getting 22 mayors and First Nations chiefs to get together at the same time to go through this is virtually impossible to schedule our calendars without having several months lead time especially when you are looking at mayors as busy as Surrey and Vancouver. We are doing our best. Everyone needs to sign off on this thing. We are within four weeks it is just a matter of getting it done.”

Walton says they will still beat the Transportation minister’s June 30th deadline.

“Generally we try and get it to the minister a few hours before the media so he has an opportunity to look at it, or a few days before. The intent is not to surprise anyone with this it is to get it out for a really good community and public discussion. I know the minister is eager to get it into the public domain as well as ourselves. The sooner we get it out the better for everyone.”

Walton says once the transit plan is made public then the conversation will begin on when to hold the Translink funding referendum and what the question will be.

“Most people I chatted with seem to say that the more time you take to do it right the better chance of success. If this is released in mid-June we are literally twelve months to the day from the deadline if we wish to take advantage of provincial funding for the referendum process. I would think it would be more likely it would be next May or June than it would be earlier.”

However Walton admits some mayors are advocating for the vote to be held alongside the November civic election.