Police defend handling of domestic violence cases

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Police defend handling of domestic violence cases

As Vancouver Police investigate another murder resulting from domestic violence, they’re also defending how they deal with spousal abuse.

In the past six weeks, the province has recorded several cases of violence resulting in death includeing the weekend murder of 27-year old Thi Tam Nguyen.

VPD Chief Jim Chu can’t comment on the specifics of this case, but he admits police often deal with victims reluctant to seek help.

“That’s why we do specific training with police officers to make sure that they look for clues and look for evidence and that they do a thorough job, so that they form the grounds to arrest whenever the evidence exists.”

The estranged husband of this year’s sixth homicide victim killed himself and police have confirmed he’d been charged with domestic assault in 2011.

The couple’s four year old son is now being cared for by relatives.


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  1. Its not the police that need to explain their behaviour, its our gutless judges and legal system that slap restraining orders on violent spouses and make believe that just saying no is going to do a damn bit of good.