Domestic violence Courts are a good thing

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Domestic violence Courts are a good thing

A Kamloops defence lawyer who represents clients in one of three designated domestic violence courts in the province says it’s a success and should be streamlined BC wide.
Jeremy Jensen says the mandate of the domestic violence court, which sits once a month, is for files to be litigated right away and results in quicker resolutions.

“These domestic files are kind of a blend of family issues and criminal issues, and so it’s a good idea they are at the forefront of the court, lots of people’s lives are on hold, there’s children involved, it’s in everybody’s best interests that these matters get before the courts and get resolved and it’s good that there are priority on them.”

BC’s Independent Children’s Representative is renewing her call for domestic violence courts after several tragic incidents in the past six weeks.
Most recently a four year old boy was left without parents after a murder-suicide in Vancouver, the suspect with a history of domestic violence.


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