CUPE begins full-scale strike at the City of White Rock

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CUPE begins full-scale strike at the City of White Rock

Residents in White Rock can expect a delay is services as workers go on strike.

Until now White Rock workers have been doing rotation job action but they’re moving to a full, city-wide strike.

CUPE 402-01 President Mike Guraliuk (Grrr-lick) says it’s unfortunate residents will be caught in the middle.

 ”Our employees do the best job that they possible can for the residents but it’s time to get a fair agreement and unfortunately job action is what it’s going to take.”

The City of White Rock says it’s presented a sustainable and fair offer.

White Rock Mayor Wayne Baldwin says no bargaining sessions are set between the two parties, as job action escalates a third time.

But he says the City will talk to the union soon, and has this message for residents, “Well, just be patient and we’ll get this resolved.”

Centennial Arena, Kent Street Centre, the community centre and the works yard will be closed, while City Hall remains open.


  1. Does the union not realize that the tax payers are just about at the limit we can pay. It’s not just the wage but it is also the large benifit packages and pensions that carry on for many many years. It may be time to start contracting some of the services out.

  2. Sure – the taxpayer has an endless source of money and a bottomless wallet. Not!
    I realize there are some who do a good job for the public. But, anyone ever heard about finding a different job if you don’t like the one you have or don’t like the wages? If you have a good work ethic you probably won’t find it hard to find one.
    Oops sorry, I forgot! There aren’t too many jobs out there. Know why? It’s because government is killing small and medium size businesses with bureaucracy, excessive tax levels and by removing the money out of the taxpayer’s wallet that could support these private sector jobs. So, let’s add more expense to the taxpayer; that will work.
    Anyone care to suggest we start radically downsizing government and the cost of government because we can’t afford it anymore? The silence is deafening from our elected representatives and their opposition. Wonder why? Is it because they have their nose firmly attached to the trough?
    Boy, am I dumb! (Bet I get a lot of agreement from the Progressives on that one.)

  3. I’ll tell you one thing, when they do start back to work and I hope it is sooner than later….I better not get tagged for my garbage being to heavy for them to pick up…..because if I have to go out there like I did one other time and pick up my trashcan and dump it in the truck…and I am only 5 foot nothing and this guy was at least 6 foot and strong and him whinning about “oh its to heavyweight cant do it….they’re will be hell to pay……