Convict desires transfer to Canada from U-S

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Convict desires transfer to Canada from U-S

A former Vancouver lawyer serving a 15 year jail term in the United States says his constitutional rights are being violated.
Lawyer John Conroy says his client Martin Chambers, who has served 12 of a 15 year jail sentence after he was convicted of money laundering for a Colombian drug cartel, wants to come back to Canada.
Conroy says the US has consented to the transfer, but Canada rejected it.
Conroy says the maximum sentence for the offences in Canada is ten years jail, so Chambers should be brought back and set free.

“In Canada instead of saying you’re a Canadian citizen come back and you’ll be released and done cause you’ve served the maximum that we seek for that type of offence, is instead saying no to their citizen.”

Conroy says Chambers is now being unlawfully detained.


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  1. If you can’t do the time … don’t do the crime. Being associated with a Colombian drug cartel kind of means you are a bad guy … in other words scum.

    My level of sympathy for Mr Conroy’s position is somewhat lower than a snakes belly in a wagon wheel rut .

    • But you have to love the irony. A scumbag lawyer laundering cartel money ends up working in the prison laundry for 15 years. You can bet the Columbians have not forgotten that Chambers lost millions of their hard earned drug money to the feds at his arrest- something I’m sure they’ll bring up when they throw him a homecoming party he’ll never forget. Has it occurred to anyone that his lawyer could be secretly working for the cartel?

  2. I get really upset that people use the charter of rights to justify their illegal acts. Just because our legal system is wimpy doesn’t mean he should get away with coming back to Canada because he has served longer than what Canada has for this tyoe of crime. I like the fact that the US has stiffer penalties for many crimes. I do not normally support the US on much on this I do.

  3. So lawyer John Conroy claims his client would have only served 10 years- had the crime been committed in Canada. Based on this assinine logic, if Martin Chambers was an Iranian citizen living in Canada, he should also have the legal right to stone his wife to death-since it is permitted under Iran’s Sharia law. When you do the crime in a foreign country you serve the time in the foreign country. Good on the Conservatives for letting him rot in a US Prison.