BC’s top doctor calls for regular HIV testing

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BC's top doctor calls for regular HIV testing

BC’s top doctor and the province’s Health Minister are urging people to get tested regularly for HIV.

These guidelines, the first in Canada, have been tabled urging the regular testing so people who may have HIV can get diagnosed sooner, and get the life saving treatment they need.

The guidelines say everyone aged 18 to 70 years old should get an HIV test every five years. And if someone belongs to a higher risk group, then the testing should happen annually.

Currently only pregnant women are offered routine HIV testing.


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  1. BC’s top doctor must vote NDP in his spare time – as this idea is about as. Big Brother style as they could think up.
    The people who this is targetted at wouldn’t care to find out they have HIV or not until it affects them
    The rest of us will never get HIV except by accident – but we getted dragged down and end up footing the bill for an unnecessary test !