Attorney General: domestic violence cases on the decline

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Attorney General: domestic violence cases on the decline

Attorney-General Suzanne Anton says domestic violence is actually decreasing in BC despite a recent spate of murders and assaults that has left six women dead. But Anton says the government has to examine whether it needs to do more.

“Well, it’s a sign that we need to be paying attention,  there’s no question about that. The trend in British Columbia has been a fairly steadily decrease in domestic violence incidents of that nature, but this year there’s six already,  and that’s six too many.”

Anton says her heart goes out to a four-year-old boy whose parents are dead following a murder-suicide in Vancouver.

The government says there was a 72 per-cent reduction in “intimate partner violence homicides” between 2008 and 2013.



  1. So there are less than half the IPVH’s in 2013 compared to 2013 .

    Well bully … The statistic that counts is that one IPVH is un acceptable !

    Anton is a good example of the fact that she and the Liberals didn’t get elected in 2013 because of their merits – but because of their more incompotent and insensitive opposition .

  2. I would have to say that the number of reported cases of domestic violence have gone gone down but not the actual number of incidents. In my experience, once a complainant realizes that when they report an incident to police they have no choice as to whether or not somebody gets arrested and placed on no contact conditions, they become reluctant to call police the next time.

    Many victims wish to just make a report to police for information purposes and maybe receive victim assistance or counseling, however policy for the police is that where grounds exist, police will arrest, hold the person for court or place them on no contact conditions and forward a request for charges to crown counsel regardless of what the victim wishes.

    The victim has no say in the matter and neither does the police officer. The next time a spouse gets assaulted, they often will not call police because they don’t want to go through the process of a criminal investigation and then be compelled to testify in court.

  3. Perhaps the reason that the numbers have declined, is BECAUSE …There WAS an excellent Domestic Violence Program that ran out of VGH and SPH that helped hundreds of women and men and their children for 15 years or so. BUT NOW THIS PROGRAM IS CLOSED! This program ran on a shoe string budget with one full time social worker and one full time staff. Then the LIBERAL GOVERNMENT CAME ALONG AND CHOPPED IT (“families first” you know!). There were many devastated clients who did not know where to turn after that. This program helped women who walked in off the street seeking help, or may have arrived at the hospital due to injury/issues from domestic violence. There was NO logic to closing this program. Now the Liberal government says they are starting this new program “Office of Domestic Violence” … perhaps they could have maintained the program that was already in place and had it evolve to help even more families throughout the province, but NO … they shut it down and now they are trying to reinvent the wheel. This program had protocols and a system in place that could have been put to use in other communities around the province … what a waste of money and a shame for the all those who need help NOW!