Protestors gather at Income Assistance Offices in New Westminster

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Protestors gather at Income Assistance Offices in New Westminster

A group of people angry with BC’s cutbacks to social assistance are meeting at the Income Assistance Offices in New Westminster today.

Low income mother, Diane Terrillon says with the cuts, her income will go from just over 12 hundred dollars a month to 900 – and she’s worried about how she’ll take care of her nine year old son.

“It’s not my son’s fault he has a mother with a disability, so why should he have to suffer? It breaks my heart every day.”

Terrillon says she frequents the food bank but still struggles to get fruits and vegetables on the table.


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  1. I don’t get it ? I am on diss-ability myself struggling by every month on $906. Apparently I am allowed to go out and work and make an additional $800. per month that I get to keep. Anything above and beyond $800 would be deducted from my check. How come a single parent on Disability is getting her extra money deducted ? Is it because she did not go out and work for it ? I f that’s the case I would just say that I do odd jobs for my ex. What a very screwed up set of rules this Government has put on people.

  2. 12 hundred to 900 dollers a month , where ase a single person gets 600 a month for every thing . she is liveing high on the hog compaired to a lot who get barely enough to keep body and sole togeather , I heard the redarick , and not all those on welfair are bums , their are some that don’t care any more but there are those still serching for work , which beats the slow starvation on welfair , time for a rase . And this job search programs they used to have no longer igsist .

  3. The whole system needing overhauling. There are far too many people on “disability” who should not be, and the ones that are truly diasabled do not get enough money to survive.

  4. For all of us, who by either good mangagement or good luck (as in my case), have not had to rely on government assistance, it is so easy to paint the less-fortunate as being lazy and not taking personal responsibility for their own-well being whether it be medically or financially.

    And when we speak out in support of children in need and single-mothers whose child-support payments are clawed back, we are characterizied as being whinners, lefties, NDPers, Communists and Socialists. And best of all, we are called hyprocites.

    What is most puzzling is that our detractors are taking our criticisms personally. Unfortunately, that is beyond my control. That is their problem-not mine.

    Having said that, call me anything you want as long as I am not called late for dinner.

    Time to lighten up!!!! But be free to express your opinion in a democracy.