Locked out IKEA workers mark one year since start of labour dispute

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Locked out IKEA workers mark one year since start of labour dispute

Teamsters Local 2-13 will be rallying outside the Richmond IKEA today at 2pm and they’re asking shoppers not to cross their picket line.

For those planning on spending their Saturday looking for an algot or snoig in the aisles of IKEA – Teamsters Local 2-13 is hoping you don’t.

The Richmond workers have been locked out for a year and Union Rep Anita Dawson is asking for the public’s support.

“It’s not just about not shopping at IKEA Richmond it’s about not shopping at any IKEA until this dispute is resolved. That’s the best way they can support us.”

Since the union turned down four offers last year, there have been no negotiations since.

Dawson says they won’t accept a concessionary offer from the furniture giant.


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    • You would say that ,and also support the TFW that they hire. “way to go” Commonsense! Liberal/Cons want to keep the drive to the bottom in wages IKEA is not suffering for cash. The workers in BC cry now to raise the wages! Union strength will become larger. This will be the reason why? ntfw.ca

      • So how well has their union done for them so far, spinster? I would say 12 months, no talks, no contract, support dwindling and Ikea still operating would give the union a big F on their report card. You said union strength is becoming larger, but much like the Rocky Mountaineer Vacations crew, their support for their union dwindled and they went back to work for less. Welcome to reality, spinster.

      • Ken . . . the Teamsters are one of the most corrupt unions on the planet . . . on second thought maybe the SEIU are worse . . . that would make them No. 2 . . . why would any thinking Canuck want to fund a corrupt US union?

  1. One year and Ikea is still going strong, I see tons of shoppers and less picketers everyday.
    The public cares about good prices and life goes on for them, they feel no shame to cross your picket lines.
    This is a strike, not a lock out, get your facts straight. I work in the same industry and know people that work at Ikea, they are already the highest paid CSR’s out there. They will never ever make up the losses by anything Ikea will give them at this point. Get out your calculators strikers and figure out how long it will take you to make back your lost earnings, it will not happen in you lifetime…..

  2. Congratulations? So far, that picket line hasn’t dented shoppers though. It seems Ms Dawson didn’t realize others would be more than happy for an opportunity to make a decent living with this flourishing company.

    • All you (PAB) anti- unions people at work, but then support the one that hire TFW’s! Everything is great if the wages are low, and you can make a deal off the back of the working poor ! The pendulum will swing,now Canadains are overlooked for hiring! Time to fight back worker’s of BC just read how many hire TFW’s? Better yet look how many hire only Canadians! ntfw.ca

      • At least speak some truth Ken. As you know well, I have never supported any temporary foreign worker taking work from qualified Canadians who are ready to take the job and fully blame any employer that abuses the program. The Feds are right to strengthen the old Liberal rules.

  3. Some of you wouldn’t stand up for yourselves if your life depended on it or for justice.
    You also delight in seeing others having a hard time ,what cold black hearted people you are.

    • Justice is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, equity and fairness (Wikipedia) and in this case goes both ways. I am sure the people working in the store today also seek justice from a union filing the heads of it’s people with lies.

      I would rather be the one on the inside because it will put food on the table for my kids and let the lawyers and government worry about the law & what is just. My family is the most important thing to me and a year without a paycheque (with no end in sight) would be such a hardship to them to endure along with the stress it would cause on the marriage.

      The Teamsters called Ikea’s bluff and lost and if they had a legal leg to stand on, they would have settled by now. Ikea is still selling, and their current staff are no doubt raking in the overtime and banking the extra big bucks while the strikers go with the little picket pay the union is giving them. The poor people outside need to fire that union and get back to the table with new representation that will truly have their interests in mind. Now that would be justice for all!

    • Having a hard time? These whiners walked away from a retail job that paid them above minimum wage. That was their choice. They can go back to work anytime they want. They made their beds. If it were me, I’d just close the store and they can all go on welfare.

        • Actually top CSR’s (based on longevity) get up to $21 per hour along with amazing benefits packages.

          $12 would be entry level cart pushers that are part time, usually kids just out of high school looking for a few extra bucks, but don’t want to pack burgers into bags at Mc’Ds . However it makes Fred’s case sound good doesn’t it.

          $21 is close to the top of the range in the lower mainland retail for a CSR.

          • Kids are not in the running these days,TFW’s are, shows you how outdated you are! You know nothing about how long it takes to make $21 most of these people work part time because that is all retail gas been giving for the last 15+ years! See how many of you look down your noses at the working poor, and they call some to wear pink on Bully day, here it is bully day every day for a worker trying to keep afloat aton or just above minimum wages !
            The Chicken crap gang strikes again!

  4. ikea is a non profit store that makes billions but pays almost no tax because its a non profit.
    but you people keep shopping there and get your particle board crap

        • Here is the shame Fred speaks of:

          IKEA Social Initiative
          In September 2005, IKEA Social Initiative was formed to manage the company’s social involvements on a global level. IKEA Social Initiative is headed by Marianne Barner.

          The main partners to IKEA Social Initiative are UNICEF and Save the Children.

          On 23 February 2009, at the ECOSOC event in New York, UNICEF announced that IKEA Social Initiative has become the agency’s largest corporate partner, with total commitments of more than US$180 million.

          Examples of involvements:

          IKEA through IKEA Social Initiative contribute €1 to UNICEF and Save the Children from each soft toy sold during the holiday seasons, raising a total of €16.7 million so far.[69] In 2013, an IKEA soft toy, Lufsig, created a storm and sold out in Hong Kong and in Southern China because it had been misnamed in Chinese.
          IKEA Social Initiative provided soft toys to children in cyclone affected Burma.
          Starting in June 2009, for every Sunnan solar-powered lamp sold in IKEA stores worldwide, IKEA Social Initiative will donate one Sunnan with the help of UNICEF.
          In September 2011,[73] the IKEA Foundation pledged to donate $62 million to help Somali refugees in Kenya.
          According to The Economist, however, IKEA’s charitable giving is meager, “barely a rounding error in the foundation’s assets.”
          In 2009, Sweden’s largest television station, SVT, revealed that IKEA’s money—the three per cent collection from each store—does not actually go to a charitable foundation in the Netherlands, as IKEA has said. Inter IKEA is owned by a foundation in Liechtenstein, called Interogo, which has amassed twelve billion dollars, is controlled by the Kamprad family.

  5. IKEA is owned and operated by a complicated array of not-for-profit.Of the IKEA stores in 36 countries, 301 are run by the INGKA Holding.INGKA Holding is not an independent company, but is wholly owned by the Stichting Ingka Foundation, which Kamprad established in 1982 in the Netherlands as a tax-exempt, not-for-profit foundation. The Ingka Foundation is controlled by a five-member executive committee that is chaired by Kamprad and includes his wife and attorney.[52]

  6. The more I read about this company , the more I admire them, i hope they continue to sell in our country and keep market prices in check with their incredible volume:

    IKEA Foundation 2013 donations total $153 million
    The retailer increases annual donations by 21%

    BURLINGTON, ON, March 11, 2014 /CNW/ – Today, the IKEA Foundation released its 2013 Annual Review, reporting CAD $153 million in grants to help children and families living in the world’s poorest communities. In 2013, the IKEA Foundation was ranked as one of the highest-giving foundations in the world.

    “The IKEA Foundation has increased its donations by 21% since 2012 and expanded its reach to 35 countries—helping millions of children in over a third of the world’s poorest countries” says Kerri Molinaro, President, IKEA Canada. “IKEA Canada is proud to contribute to The Foundation’s donations, which are funded from IKEA’s profits.”

    The IKEA Foundation, which works with a total of 31 nonprofit organizations, is the largest global corporate donor to UNICEF, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Save the Children, Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) and KickStart International, to name but a few.

    “Last year was a remarkable journey for us at the IKEA Foundation,” said Per Heggenes, Chief Executive Officer of the IKEA Foundation. “By giving more than ever, we were able to develop innovative new partnerships, helping ensure we can reach 100 million children and their families by 2015.”

    In 2013, the IKEA Foundation worked with UNHCR and Refugee Housing on the development of a safer, more durable emergency shelter with innovations such as solar lighting for refugee families.

    “The IKEA Foundation is UNHCR’s largest private-sector partner, and together we hope to be able to transform the lives of many refugees,” said António Guterres, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

  7. So it’s morally acceptable for Ikea to exploit tax and legal loopholes to increase corporate profits, but not for the workers to demand a bigger slice of the pie.
    Got it.

    • Demand?

      No that will not work, ask, negotiate, work together in good faith and come to a common ground.

      Demand…LOL ! that is the problem Bruce. Look at what DEMAND has gotten these people, they stay outside and watch the products drive buy in customers cars as the company still does business and pays their Canadian taxes and Canadian loyal employees. They should be satisfied to make competitive wages and work for a company that will not go bankrupt anytime soon.
      Get that….

      I personally have no morals when it comes to paying income tax and do my best to only pay what i owe the government, that is just good business and i sleep well at night knowing I pay my share. If IKEA is exploiting the Canadian Government for tax dollars, or even the city of Richmond where they pay their property taxes, the law will track them down and hold them accountable. As Ikea has been paying taxes in Richmond since 1976 as the first Ikea in North America, i would bet you that their books are in order.

    • Certainly the workers have the right to “demand” higher wages. But as we see in Richmond those “demands” are not always met. Pays your money and takes your chances, I guess………

    • I have an idea Bruce why don’t we demand that Union’s start paying Taxes?, speaking of exploiting Taxes.
      Then some of that money could go back to the workers.
      Great Idea?

  8. IKEA product is crap anyways , does not last but most consumers are wandering around mindless buying stuff because they all watch home improvement shows. Sorry to say but most people in B.C. are so new to the province they do not remember when we had a balanced budget and living wages . Why not now , because we allow companies to to keep wages ( hello 10 year freeze on the minimum wage) so low that the workers have no money to even really pay taxes and they ( the corporations) certainly are not. Hence, we are running deficits to keep the ever expanding need for services that we can not afford. Funny how many think what they do is soooo important and worth good pay but what everybody else does is not worth anything. Best example of a GOOD company is Costco who pays fairly and has great prices. People get your heads our of your asses and wake up wealthy corporations or people will never look after anything but their own interests. Even when they do give money away to Charity is usually is the create the illusion they are ” good ” .

  9. This is exactly what the Western world deserves for buying into the politicians crap that “let manufacturing move offshore, we will thrive on service industries!”. Enjoy your service jobs now!

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  11. John Griffith “Jack” London (born John Griffith Chaney) was an excellent writer of fiction, but in the real world (non fiction) some might see these folks as hard working industrious company people.

    Imagine a workforce of 350 replaced by 35, no doubt the cream of the crop.

    It sound to me like IKEA has found who the real workers are and who likes to sit on their rear ends and watch people work with their hand out for their wage. Imagine 35 doing the work of 350 over the course of a year. It sounds to me that the 350 had a very easy go of it if they could be replaced by a work force of 10%.

    As a retailer, i am watching with great interest in this case. Which person would I want working in my store next to me? The one that does the work of 10! This may seem cold and evil to some, but this is not a fiction novel written by a long dead novelist, this is real life and the spoils go to those who are willing to reach for the top by working together as a team.

    As for the union, they wouldn’t even pay the medical benefits of the striking workers, but who stepped up to the plate? IKEA – even though these people no longer officially work for them, they decided to keep up their benefits during the strike.

    Whats next? A massive rally, the teamsters announce 400 strong will rally on May 10th. Well I was there, one of the spectators, what did i see? 60 people with black balloons laughing and joking around. Oh and the 60 only showed because the union held back their picket pay and told them they would have to pick it up at the rally…

    Now the teamsters say, you need to picket for 30 hours over 5 days a week if you want picket pay in this case with Ikea. I have news for you, the 300+ workers have other jobs now and couldn’t even be bothered to show up at the big one year rally.

    Congratulations to team IKEA, the management and incredible team of 35 workers and happy anniversary! Keep your heads held high and keep marching! The public love to shop in your store and they has already decided that they will continue to cross. You should be proud of what you have done so far, and don’t let the words of the few vocal unemployed break your spirit!

    • i was also there and have photos of more than 60 and management is bringing in managers from other store to do the work .please inform us what retail outlet you own so i can avoid spending my union made dollars in it . also in bc the employer always keep paying benefits while they are locked out by the employer

      • Oh Mike, let me inform you, this is a strike, not a lock-out and every person that decided to strike received their termination papers.

        In BC, employers do not have to pay terminated employees benefits while they strike.

        Ikea did indeed lock out their employees, but for only 1 hour on May 13th, 2013, then opened the doors for them to return. 35 dedicated employees did return after the one hour lock-out and the balance decided to strike.

        It would be illegal for Ikea Richmond to bring in Management to work from the Coquitlam store and if you have a single case of proof, pass it to the Teamsters and they will see that Ikea pays a hefty fine! But since this hasn’t happened in the entire year of the STRIKE, my bet is Ikea Richmond plays by the rules.

        You say you are handy with the camera and somehow took pictures of more than 60 strikers on Saturday? let’s put your expertise to good use and snap some important photos of those pesky Coquitlam Managers working in Richmond. Talk is cheap, put your photo’s of them up for the Teamsters to use….