Anti-Enbridge rally at Sunset Beach

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Anti-Enbridge rally at Sunset Beach

As one of several protests marking “defend our climate” day of action, a crowd has gathered in Vancouver to rally against the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline.

Artwork and banners are coming out as the crowd at Sunset Beach in Vancouver is growing.

Organizer Ben West says they’re expecting a decision by the Conservative Government on the Northern Gateway Pipeline soon.

“So this is kind of the last big event that’s happening before that decision comes down. We are holding this event in part to call on the Prime Minister to do the right thing, to listen to the voices of the people of BC.”

West says although the pipeline would bring economic benefits, the government should focus on long term investments instead.


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  1. “West says although the pipeline would bring economic benefits, the government should focus on long term investments instead.” ? ? ?

    What did West have in mind . . . courses in Basket weaving? The man is a foreign-funded far-left loon . . . ignoring the Fact that our standard of living and long lives is the result of Fossil Fuels and affordable energy.

    If you want to see the future with these folks in charge . . . look at Spain, 6 or 7 real jobs lost for every “Green” job created at the cost of 100s of thousands per job.
    To far away from home? Just check out Ontario . . . 300,000 jobs lost to the Green Farce in the last decade . . . highest electricity costs today in north America . . .
    And, Justin spouting Cap and Trade nonsense . . . which has sucked Billions of Euros out of the European economy in the last decade as their carbon footprint GREW ! ! !

  2. Despite all the denials, there is a very real problem of human caused global warming and climate change. It is encouraging to see people protest. This is a democratic right, priviledge, and responsibility when Governments reject their moral responsibilities to the Planet.

    • Lynn . . . where is this “klimate change” going on ?

      I believe the Climate has Always Changed . . . . do you remember a time when it did not? What do you suppose the “Ideal” Temperature would be for the planet?

  3. And there are trains laden with Alberta heavy crudes transiting the B.C. coast only a few hundred meters from Sunset Beach for which B.C. receives only a few modest railroad salaries in exchange for the impact to our foreshore. The protesters are nuts; our politicians are stupid for accepting so little reward in exchange for carrying such risk. Build pipelines now.

  4. What a laugh. I watched the pipeline protestors unload their signs and posters from guess what- trucks and SUVs parked and idling in the parking lot. In twenty years fuel will be $500 a barrel and these protestors will be as relevant as a pet rock from 1972. Moving oil by rail makes as much sense as carrying water from the property line of your house so you an bet that pipelines will be built, hopefully before more rail disasters happen. As long as Canadians expect healthcare, education and a pension, Canada will export oil and if a few climate clowns think they are going to change that they are completely delusional.

  5. Just watched the gaggle of uninformed leftist loons gathered at Sunset Beach on the TV . . . not one of them could make an intelligent sentence, other than hurling insults and dressing like rodeo clowns . . . they have nothing to contribute to society.
    One guy quit his job in the coal industry to educate himself about Gorebull Warming . . . a little late I would suggest as we have had NONE for almost 17 years now.
    Once again the left and far-left demonstrate their lack of critical thought and any semblance of intelligent debate . . . just laughable !