Social services computer system still not working

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Social services computer system still not working

Still no joy for social workers and vulnerable British Columbians who depend on a computerized case management system.

Technology Minister Andrew Wilkinson says the Integrated Case Management system was up again overnight, but is again experiencing problems.

“The team of experts that’s been assembled to stabilize it and make sure it continues to run is working on it on an ongoing basis.  We’ve had about 1900 people sign on this morning and they’re experiencing some slowdowns so clearly this is still not acceptable, we need to get to the bottom of this, get it fixed.”

Wilkinson says the government hasn’t decided if the consortium of software companies that developed the system will be on the hook for the repairs.

The ICM has been offline for the last week.


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  1. Children and Family Development Minister Stephanie Cadieux responded in her typical fashion to this computer glitch-that of denial.

    She says the ICM sysytem should not be scrapped because: “Overall, I’d say the system has been operating very well (sic).”

    To his credit, Technology Minister admits the the ICM system is a disaster and promoses to get to the bottom of the problem. Cadieux might be wise to consult with Andrew Wilkinson.

  2. To insite. I would highly dought That steffie would gain anything by consulting with anybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And earlier this week, andy stood up and barefaced told a story. Everything is good in snookums land. A minor glitch. Nothing to be concerned about. Move along. No story here. Way to go andy. You fit the LIE BERAL mold, as snookums would say, right good, ya no”!!!!

  3. Have you noticed how our premier is kept out of site by her handlers only coming out for announcements and ribbon cuttings.
    She puts her foot in her mouth that’s why she protected.

  4. Then don’t even look at the new computer program (MyEdBC) that the Government is mandating the School Districts to implement. It has so many security holes it’s not even funny. It doesn’t work and has so many security holes it’s not even funny. How many millions of dollars will be sucked out of the education system because of BCeSIS Version 2.0? After all, the Government isn’t paying for it — they are forcing the Districts to pay for its implementation out of the same $$ that are supposed to go towards educating your child.