Panel supports Site C dam with 50 recommendations

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Panel supports Site C dam with 50 recommendations

A review panel says B.C. Hydro’s proposed $8-billion Site C dam would provide clear benefits to the province, but it will also significantly affect environment and aboriginal rights.

The panel, whose report was released today, does not say if the project should go ahead.

Rather, it makes 50 recommendations to be followed if the federal and provincial governments give it a green light.

The report says Hydro has not demonstrated the need to build the project by 2024, and that if the governments want to proceed, they should ask the BC Utilities Commission to consider load demand and other issues.

It also finds that the third dam on the Peace River would have significant adverse effects on fish, birds and sensitive eco-system, and would significantly affect Aboriginal rights in the area.


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  1. Why the hell should BC Utilities get involved now? Commissar Bennett told them to stay away. He didn’t want any obstacles like the one they proved to be in 2008 when they turned site c down.

  2. The review panel recommended that the utilities commission review the project, as without their review there’s no independent review of it’s viability in BC. No chance the BC libs allow that, because they know the business case is weak. They dont want anyone looking closely at the numbers, or the justification rational. Kinda like the way they wouldn’t let the utilities commission review the latest rate increases.

    Dont let the masses hear an independent message. All messaging MUST come from the BC Libs.

  3. I’ve got my money riding on the intelligent residents of BC who are only too familiar with the lies of BC Hydro/BC Liberals. That twosome is known for cuddling up to big business and cronies who down the road can provide the boardroom appointments.

    I also look forward to eating produce from the Peace River area. They say that area could feed a million people. Now that’s a worthy purpose for the fertile valley.

    We have lots of hydro folks. So much so that we dump the excess into the USA below our cost. Yes, south of the border gets the hydro deals, the BC taxpayer gets to pay the full shot. Thank Billy Bennett for that. He’s just one heck of a fine energy minister.

  4. The good news is that Site C electricity will not be available until 2024 at the earliest. If FNs challeng site C in court, add another 2-3 years to bring Site C on line.

    This means LNG proponents will need to burn natural gas to power the refrigeration process in their LNG trains. Estimates vary but up to 10 percent of the natural gas delivered to a terminal will be consumed in the refrigeration process. We can look forward to the LNG industry pay carbon tax on their NG consumption as the rest of us. Do you believe that?

    Pure speculation -but is it possible that the LNG will be offered an inducement to use Site C power when available which will be cheaper than having to burn NG and pay carbon tax. As well, burning NG to power LNG trains represents an opportunity cost as well as that burnt NG will not be available to sell.

    Having said that, the decision to build site C will be based on political reasons -not necessarily in the public interest as BCUC has been barred from providing oversight. Mind you, once Site C costs are known, BCUC will be invited to approve all rate increases as was announced several weeks ago. There was a reason for that announcement.

    In my opinion…..

  5. ” However, the panel recommends that BC Hydro’s forecasts be reviewed by its independent regulator before construction begins.”

    A very stupid recommendation knowing the linkage between the BC Liberals and BC Hydro. Many months ago Liberal Energy Minister Bill Bennett stated that he was relieving the “independent regulator” (known as the BC Utilities Commission) from any duties related to the site c dam hearings. Bennett said “He didn’t want to see the hearings bogged down by all of the regulator’s questions.” You see Minister Bennett likes to smooth the road ahead in order to realize his agenda’s success. Here in BC governing has taken on a definite dictatorial flair.

    Of some particular note. In 2008 the BC Utilities Commission was fully engaged in Site C hearings. At the end of the day they turned it down. Said the power wasn’t needed for the distant future. Perhaps Bennett was right to take the rights to an impartial hearing away from us. The dots connect quite nicely, don’t you think?