City of Vancouver being sued by Yaletown community group

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City of Vancouver being sued by Yaletown community group

Members of a Yaletown group suing the city of Vancouver over a building planned in that neighbourhood are rejecting claims they suffer from ‘not in my back yard syndrome’ commonly referred to a as NIMBYism.

The city-owned land at 508 Helmcken where a 36-story building is slated to go up was supposed to become park space according to Jon Green with the Community Association of New Yaletown and he says,  by approving the development,  the city is violating its own rules.

“We’re so frustrated. The city’s not listening to residents concerns and this isn’t just an isolated case. I mean, you’ll see this all over the city with various community associations having to go through the court system to try and make their voices heard.”

Green says, not only has the city ignored concerns, they have intentionally given false information.
The city has just under three weeks to file a response.


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  1. Communities have finally learned from the Kit’s bike lane debacle. Until there is a threat of embarrassing themselves in court, Vision will give anyone who opposes them the finger.
    Luckily for the Yaletown group, it’s election year which means Vision will turtle like they did in Kits.

  2. Thats all you need , is an extenshion of the West End , concreat tower , as aposed to park space . Here where I live it’s monster houses , Just big soule less boxes . And the invaders aren’t to friendly .

  3. Bet you that moonbeam looses more money for the tax payers of Vancouver.
    Oh well, at least that will be one more unused bike lane that he can’t build. Hopefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. People who want to preserve their neighborhood as it is called NIMBY? by politicians who get their election contributions by developers at that?

    Perhaps we need a political party in city hall to protect the VOTERS, RESIDENTS and TAXPAYERS from further erosion of our rights, eh?