App puts you to sleep

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App puts you to sleep

An new app developed by a Simon Fraser University researcher promises to help you sleep better by harnessing the power of the imagination.
Luc Beaudoin says the “mySleepButton” app prompts the listener to imagine a series of images – a banana, a hotel, an elephant – that are shuffled through quickly.

“First, it interferes with the kind of thinking that keeps you awake at night. You know, when you’re doing this, using this technique you can’t be thinking about your problems at the same time, it doesn’t work because the mind is a bit of a one track thing. And the other thing is it kind of scrambles your thinking, which we think is conducive to sleep onset.”

He says the app is aimed at bettering people’s lives by helping trigger sleep, leading to a more productive day.
mySleepButton can be found on Apple as a free iTunes download.


  1. If you want better quality sleep then take melatonin and calcuim a half hour before bed. Even if you don’t sleep longer your sleep will be deeper and you will awake refreshed. This is not medical advice but anecdotal. Most people I know who try it see positive results within a few days. The longest one took about a week and a half. Consult you local health food store for the amount to take

    Sleep well! ;)