UPDATED: Robertson defends re-election video claim about Broadway line

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UPDATED: Robertson defends re-election video claim about Broadway line

While local mayors continue to map out a 10-year plan for funding transit improvements, Vancouver’s Gregor Robertson is defending his push for a project that has a $3-billion price tag.

Robertson is dismissing suggestions his recently-released re-election campaign video makes it look like the Broadway line has already been approved.

“We don’t have the Broadway subway being built right now. It’s something we need to fight for and that’s part of why I want to run for another term as mayor. I want to keep fighting to get the Broadway subway started. It may take more years than I have to actually get it built and opened, but it’s part of the work that I’ve committed to doing as mayor of Vancouver.”

He also rejects claims the proposed subway to the University of B.C. means other much-needed projects, including the Pattullo Bridge replacement and a light rail line in Surrey, will have to wait.

New Westminster Mayor Wayne Wright says Gregor Robertson’s transit wish is valid, but so are many others.

“All the projects have to be approved because we need them all. What happens is when are they gonna be done?”

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan also says Metro Vancouver mayors have to work together to figure out what needs immediate attention.

“I expect him to advocate for projects in Vancouver, but eventually, all of us are responsible for the financing of those projects and eventually for the planning and execution.”


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  1. Do you think anybody but the go greenie, save the earth crowd actually believe this nut bar. And I bet he doesn’t even ride his little kids bike to work in the good weather!!!!! And that’s after he’s had a gallon, sorry greenies, four liters, of happy planet crap!!!!!!!

  2. This idiot has no idea what a lie looks like ! apparently he wants to be Mayor again and hopes that there are a number of other stupid people out there that are not paying attention to what he has just said and what he tried to hide in his ad . The 3 Billion will come from somewhere and Gregor just knows this is going to happen because he said so !!

  3. The only problem with promises like this is, that when Moonbeam talks about TransLink spending, it’s now longer just Vancouver tax money. It involves the rest of us in this regional district.
    Moonbeam – spend your own money and keep out of my wallet. I’ve had enough of spendthrifts – I want “spend thrifty”.

  4. Oh moonbeam… you wear your name so well. You and your group of putzes who continually ram things down your constituents’ throats, their wants & needs be dammed, all need to be punted to the curb this fall.

    It horrifies me to think you all will get re-elected and then you will rob Peter to pay Paul and build your legacy project. All off the backs of the already near-destitute Vancouver taxpayers.

  5. I love Mayor Moonbeam’s antics and idiocy for comic relief but so far most of it has only cost the taxpayers of Vancouver. His “dream” of this subway is the absolute best way to get the Translink Referendum turned down because I’m sure no one else in Greater Vancouver wants to pay for this loons ideas.

  6. Mayor MoonBeam is off on a tangent again! This guy could care less about the rest of the Region or BC for that matter. Like all things Moonbeam says, the money will flow if he is re-elected but the Vancouver taxpayer and others will pay through the nose.

    No more Mr. Moonbeam, Vancouver and the lower Mainland have had too big a piece of the pie.

  7. mayor robertson said the NPA is made up of a “bunch of old white guys”. Well I hope they all get out and vote against him. We can’t afford his arrogant attitude toward the tax payers and small business in this city. If your not on his team do not expect to get a break in his city. Broadway subway is his number one priority, the heck with all the areas of the lower mainland. Watch out for the increase in your property taxes if him and his vision pals get in again. BTW thought ending homeless in the city was his number one priority. Maybe he’ll figure a way to ship them to Newton.

  8. Moonbeam Line to UBC? A paltry Costing ONLY Three Billion Dollars according to a politicians? You can be it will cost at least TWICE a s much.

    From practical point UBC students attend UBC from September to April. Seven months. That’s it.

    There’s only so much money around and there are a number of other areas with now large population growth without ANY public transit at all. Then there’s the worn out Pattullo Bridge or the over crowded Massey Tunnel among many other places that need improvement.

  9. Moonbeam has a better chance of ending homelessness in Africa than getting a red cent from the Liberals for another self serving pet project. To spend billions digging up Broadway for students who already take transit when 75% of our cars are south of the Fraser is asinine- but what else would you expect an angry white mayor who will promise anything to win the election. Moonbeam made Vancourites look like fools when they fell for his “ending homelessness by 2014″ lie. Moonbeam obviously figures if voters are dumb enough to fall for it once, they’ll fall for it again. I say if Moonbeam wants a green public transit line to UBC how about putting a rickshaw lane on Pt Grey Road and putting some unemployed Insite clients to work. What better way to solve the homeless problem and be the greenest mayor in the World? I’m sure financial supporters and personal friends on the Golden Mile like Lulu Lemon’s Chip Wilson and Mike Harcourt would love nothing better than to open up their palatial homes for Rickshaw tour groups. Hey everyone ones here.