Railroads DO inform New Westminster about their cargo

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Railroads DO inform New Westminster about their cargo

An emergency order from the US Transportation Department Wednesday means railroads will now have to let emergency management officials know if they are shipping crude oil through their state.
In New Westminster – which has four railroads running that run through the area – city councillor Chuck Puchmayer says they’ve had a disclosure agreement with the railroads in place since last year, and he’s sure it makes the city safer.
Puchmayer heads up the city’s Railway Advisory Committee, which formed last August, about a month after a crude-carrying train derailed and exploded in Lac-Megantic Quebec, killing 47 people.

“Any disclosure that a local government can have on what dangerous goods move through their city is only a positive thing that can help in the event that their needs to be a quick response.”

He says local government’s need to have a plan ahead of time in case of a catastrophic release of goods being shipped by rail.


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  1. There has been a requirement to ID Dangerous cargos since the Mississauga Chlorine Derailment. This is just a City Counselor trying to appease the peasants so they don’t storm City Hall. DG Transport is only as good as the shipper’s declaration and If the First Due Fire Officer cannot size up the situation (Flames = Set up a safety perimeter /begin evacuation as per TDG Guide and Put the Fire Out) then they should be demoted to regular Fire Fighter. The cars in Lac-Magantic were mislabelled and the cars wrong for what was being transported. The Rail Road telling the Village about the train would have been dissemination of incorrect information

  2. This is nuts. A river of heavy crude is transiting our coast, and the province receives little (practically nothing) of the economic benefit. The risk of a railroad failure, however, is all ours if something awful should happen. But very little in return. Nuts. Build pipelines now. Enough with the LNG fantasy. We’re in the crude business whether we like it or not.

  3. I don’t see why this is an issue when accordingv to Kinder Morgan, oil spills have an economic benefit which presumeably is much greate-the larger the spill. This should silence the opposition against trains carrying bitumen. Actually, it is Bakkan crude that is causing all the explosions and fires.

    Besides no one needs to be told a train is carrying coal. The black coal dust flying off the trains should be obvious to anyone who is not hung up on the votice-effect nonsense..

  4. MarkH has it right. That is, does anyone have a proper procedure in place knowing the potential disaster that can ensue when one of these events gets out of control? Does the New West Fire Department have the procedures ready when an event occurs? These goods are traversing through NW on a daily basis now making the potential for a Lac Megantic more and more possible. And what about the Railways themselves? What plan do they have posted with the Fire Dept as to what procedures they will enact as soon as an accident occurs? Never mind knowing. We do, already! It’s how we act asap after the event that counts.

  5. is Mr. Puchmayer for real what a bunch of CRAP i drove truck for several years if you do not put up dangerous goods placards you will get a huge fine why are these assholes any different? i believe they run the country never seen any placards train tanker cards and at times CNR and SRY at times way above then speed limit crashing these cars while shunting shaking the neighbour hood and noisy Washington trains worn out engines polluting and outrageous engine noise ONLY in BC CORRUPTION only allows them in BC