Port Mann bridge numbers down

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Port Mann bridge numbers down

Vehicle crossing numbers from the crown corporation running the Port Mann Bridge show since full tolls came in, usage is down but not by a landslide.

Since the toll discount ended in January, vehicle trips across the bridge dropped compared to the same months last year when tolls were half price.

3% fewer drivers crossed in January, 5.5% fewer in February and March and 5% fewer last month.

Greg Johnson with TI Corp says this trend is common.

He says, “When you take a look at places where tolling is introduced around North America, it shows that once drivers use other routes and other options, kind of like the newly opened South Fraser Perimeter Road, diversion begins to subside after a few months.

The Perimeter Road opened in December.


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  1. That commuters, who have no viable alternative crossing options and value their lower commuting times continue to pay a PM toll, is a no-brainer.

    That retired folks and casual drivers who probably enjoy a more relaxing, longer and time-consuming ride from using a toll-free option is also a no brainer.

    Based on such anecdotal evidence, one can conclude that the majority of Port Mann toll-avoiders are casual travellers not commuters.

    And Hwy 91 and Alex Fraser bridge have got a lot busier since the Port Mann bridge opened.

    Those commuters, happy that they can now cross the PM more quickly, are going to see the bottleneck shift to the Cape Horn- Cassier corridor due to non-toll paying drivers taking advantage of the PMHIP upgrades. The eastern approaches to the Ironworkers Bridge is now frequently backed up. The situation can only be exacerbated due to the high accident frequency due to bad driving.

  2. Tax on the working class east of Coquitlam who are forced to drive due to insufficient transit options. The toll is ridiculously high. Why is there no toll on the Sea to Sky? Especially North of Squamish. These folks get to their cabins in Whistler for free on a shiny new highway, yet a commuter from the Valley into Vancouver trying to provide for their family pays a I guess six dollars a day toll now?

    • Because Sea to Sky highway upgrade got funding from the Olympic Committee and the Fed Gov.

      If Port Mann was to be upgrade due to Olympic, likely it would be free as well. Unfortunately that’s not the case.

  3. We have idiot’s in Victoria making rediculas decisions.Why were these people elected???? A kid could figure it out that a small toll on all bridges and Sea to Sky will generate more $$$$$$$ than they need. We need a new government with some smart people.

    • There seems to be an equal number of idiots in the Vancouver political seen that make ridiculous decisions as well. The LM Mayors are the ones making the decision, but they can not get their act together. Now Mayor Moonbeam wants his $3 billion rapid transit Broadway line at the expense of everyone else.

      • I don’t think that is a bad idea. I can’t stand transit and drive, and the Broadway from Renfrew to UBC stretch is a traffic nightmare, as are 4th Ave and 12th Ave, the Broadway alternatives. Driving that strectch during the day is a pain in the butt and takes forever. If this will get cars off the road, then I am for it (for selfish reasons). They will do with our taxpayers’ money what they want anyways. Hey, it’s better than millions on “public art”. Weird pomo stuff that noone recognizes as art anyways.

    • I agree. The Port Mann is vital for residents of the Fraser Valley, and they have few options, other than driving all the way around to the AF or the Patullo. Stretch out the tolls to the 2nd Narrows and The LGB as well.