Metro Vancouver and the FVRD agree on something

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Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley Regional District are on the same page on at least one issue, dealing with ground level ozone.

Vancouver councillor and Metro environment committee chair Heather Deal says the two regional districts will work together to figure out where the problem areas are and how to deal with them.

Deal says ozone, which causes asthma and damages crops, is not just formed by vehicle emissions.

“In the entire region all the time we need to decrease these sort of volatile organic compounds, which are found in things like chemicals, industrial chemicals, solvents, and paints. In terms of decreasing nitrogen oxide it is more important that we focus on that further East in the valley on hot days.”

She says efforts to battle ozone creation could lead to driver advisories.

“Because it is often related to transportation. For isntance on hot days that we know are going to be creating a problem that is when you have those kinds of warnings that go up and say please don’t drive your vehicle today. Of course we want people to decrease there driving all the time anyway. Especially on a hot day in the Eastern valley we know that is going to lead to the creation of ground level ozone.”

Deal says the other avenue to battle ground level ozone will be aimed directly at consumers.

“In terms of the volatile organic compounds it is a little more complicated because these are often at a consumer level of things like paitning your home or the kinds of scents that you use. It could be something a ssimple as a hair product or perfume. So those are the kinds of things we have to address at much more of the educational consumer level.”

She says emission causing nitrogen oxide in problem levels seem to be focused in the Fraser Valley.


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  1. I sense the day is dawning when government will dictate certain days of the week (odd and even addresses) for us to remain in the closet all day, naked and wearing no scents.