Metro mayors keeping transit plan under wraps

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

It’s not ready yet, but Metro Vancouver mayors could soon make their 10-year blueprint for funding transit improvements public.

Burnaby’s Derek Corrigan won’t say if a vehicle levy or more tolls are options.

“There’s some hard decisions to be made and there’s some contentious debates going on behind closed doors. Until we come out with that plan is that most of us are not going to speak about it. We’re going to maintain it in-camera. Obviously, everything is being looked at.”

As for whether he thinks changes recently made by Victoria will help, Corrigan says…

“No. The new governance structure is hopeless. It’s window-dressing. All they did was shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic. Without annual budget approval, you really don’t have the power to see that your plans are implemented.”

Corrigan’s also suggesting he’s expecting a fight from Victoria.

“You’re not going to end the confrontation with the provincial government on these issues either. There’s going to be loggerheads and there will be much more politics to be played before the decisions finally become any kind of reality.”

A referendum could be put to voters as early as November’s civic election, but Transportation Minister Todd Stone has indicated that could be delayed until next year.


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  1. “You’re not going to end the confrontation with the provincial government on these issues either”… lol. Mayor Corrigan is a long time NDP member, I would not expect you agreeing on any of the policy suggested by the provincial government.

  2. Any referendum on transit is simply a cop out by Christy Clark. A political hot potato that she is not willing to deal with.

    Why do we not have a referendum on ALL government decisions? Then we really do not need the government now do we.