Burnaby mayor still unhappy with distribution of gas tax revenue

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Burnaby mayor still unhappy with distribution of gas tax revenue

A few months after Burnaby’s mayor first raised concerns about more than 100-million dollars from federal gas tax funding aimed at improving public transit, several projects have been approved but Derek Corrigan’s still not happy.

“I’m concerned about how the funds are allocated and whether or not they’re being allocated in a way that reflects the objectives of Metro Vancouver.”

Corrigan has been critical of how Translink officials have determined how gas tax revenues from Ottawa should be spent.

“So you see a number of things like cost over-runs at the Hamilton garage, buying out leases for locomotives that have been on the job for 20 years. This isn’t what the gas tax was intended for.”

Corrigan first raised concerns in December… claiming Translink officials have too much say….

“Often, I find that the gas tax is simply allocated to those areas where it’s convenient for Translink to place the funding responsibility on us.”

Translink’s Bob Paddon says they’ve been operating with an annual ‘structural’ deficit since 2009.

Projects now approved by Metro Vancouver’s transportation committee include the replacement of buses, purchase of West Coast Express rail cars and more funding for the Hamilton Transit Centre in Richmond.


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  1. Translink officials have too much say ? Really ? What a news flash ! These fat cat bureaucrats see any money coming in as their money and theirs to spend without justification or explanation to anyone else in the lower mainland.
    Derek Corrigan isn’t my favorite politician ..but this time he’s right to be unhappy about Translink….for all the good it will do.
    Boot these Translink big time spenders out of office and set up a board that is accountable to the people of the lower mainland , through the City Mayors !

  2. Is this the same Mayor Corrigan who stands on his NDP wifey’s shoulders decrying oil pipelines? Was this not the same man promising to throw his body in front of Kinder Morgan’s bulldozers? What irony. For someone who has no appetite for oil it is laughable how fast Corrigan is now elbowing his way to the front of the money trough… generated by oil.