BC NDP wants government to regulate party buses

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BC NDP wants government to regulate party buses

The NDP is pushing the Clark government to regulate so-called “party buses.”

MLA George Heyman says party buses provide easy access to drugs and alcohol for young people, with grad season just around the corner.

“Will the minister of transportation commit today to immediate action to protect young people from the virtually unregulated party bus culture before another preventable tragedy robs someone of their bright future?”

But Transportation Minister Todd Stone says there’s no need for new regulations. Instead, he says the government will make sure party bus operators know it’s illegal to serve alcohol in any vehicle.

“We’re all working together to ensure all British Columbians know what the law is and that the operators understand clearly that their number one obligation is to ensure the safe transport of their passengers.”

The parents of Shannon Raymond were in the legislature to watch today’s debate. The 16-year-old died on a party bus in 2008 after consuming ecstasy and alcohol.


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  1. NDP has never met anything it didn’t want to regulate, tax and mess up.
    The FACT that it is already illegal never stopped the socialist loons.
    Around the globe socialists have taxed, spent and regulated many countries and cities into bankruptcy or near bankruptcy, but those that believe think if we just try the nonsense one more time . . . this time nirvana will be achieved ! ! !