Anti-jaywalking campaign over – for now

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Anti-jaywalking campaign over - for now

The “Just Don’t Jaywalk” campaign has wrapped up in Surrey, and Mounties say while they are satisfied with the education portion of the safety operation, the enforcement aspect ended up playing a big role as well.
400 jaywalking tickets – at between 109 to 121 dollars a pop – were handed out over the two-month span.

“When the education fails, we hope that people that did, unfortunately get a jaywalking ticket will revisit their casual demeanour when it comes to crossing streets.

Corporal Bert Paquet says he hopes the campaign leads to better long-term pedestrian safety.
He adds they are now looking forward to later summer and early fall – another high-risk time for pedestrians – when education efforts will start back up.


  1. I know you can’t often do a lot in curbing stupidity. But if fines are reducing jaywalking, why discontinue the practice? So, when will they be giving the drivers a break and stop fining them for breaking the law? Oh yes, it’s easier to get the money because you can withhold their license and insurance over their heads. Hypocrites!

  2. another idiot heard from.They should give more tickets to morrons think they can live by theyre own rules. I think the police should do more like Ticket bikers that ride on the sidewalk , ride opposite to the taffic flow,no light, helmet and those that have radio ear plugs .These laws are there and need to be in forced or why have any laws at all.