MLAs to disclose expenses in fuller detail

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MLAs to disclose expenses in fuller detail

Politicians have promised British Columbians to reveal how they spend taxpayers’ money in full detail, but it could be September before the information is available.

An all-party legislative committee has approved a proposal to make expense details more transparent.

Finance Minister Mike de Jong, who already discloses all his expenses online, says the public has a right to this information.

“They want it because in Nova Scotia, there was fraud. I’m tired of answering the questions. When the receipts are posted, it will largely eliminate the issue and we can get on with doing what we’re paid to do.”

Concerns were raised in recent months over questionable expenses by MLAs, including House Speaker Linda Reid, who spent nearly $50,000 on a custom computer.


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  1. I wouldn’t get too excited until the details are released. Politicians seem to be adept at only giving the great unwashed the information they are willing to part with rather than the unvarnished truth. You can also be assured that this will in no way reduce the many lucrative perks they have bestowed upon themselves over the years.

  2. So every MLA can now take their spouse with them on the plane 12 times a year !!! I could imagine what my employer would have said if I had come to them with that idea a few years ago !!! Why should I as a tax payer have to foot the bill for a lavish lifestyle that I could never expect anyone in private industry to offer me ?

  3. Some of the out of province expenditures by MLAs must be approved by the Speaker of the House. The same who took her spouse to an African trip, got that $42,000 computer monitor when she could just pass a note to the assistants right beside her, approved thousands of tax dollars on dinner setts, curtains and who knows what else? So she paid back partner’s business class air fare. AFTER got found out.

    This is not only what is spent but for what purpose and do those elected MLAs EARN their pay, expensed and perks. Like FIFTEEN months salary even if the voters give one of them the boot and doesn’t get elected or quits…