Education ministry to review how teenager got $16,000 contract

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Education ministry to review how teenager got $16,000 contract

B.C.’s minister of education has asked for a review after a teenage girl was handed a $16,000 government contract to go to Finland and report on education.

Peter Fassbender says he has some concerns, mostly around if proper procedures were followed.

Anjali Vyas filed a 14-page report after her trip, which she also paid for with her own money.

Fassbender was asked what purpose that report might serve:

“I have not read the report so I do not want to comment on the value of the report until I get a full report back from our team. I am not going to comment about the value of the report or not but I have asked the deputy to take a look at the process.”

Fassbender also defended the ministry’s Rick Davis, who funneled money from the ministry to the Saanich school district to pay Vyas.


  1. The student should be given top marks for learning how to get the government to pay for their holiday. Most students are paying for an education, but getting education to pay you is an ironic twist. I’m sure this is not an isolated case but we can only hope.

  2. When there is no other qualified person available, why not send our youngest and brightest? I’m sure she came back with some compelling recommendations to solve the government-BCTF impasse.

    What has process got to do with it as long as what was necessary was done? Clearly, Fassbender has no problem with his staff’s decision to funnel money from the ministry.

    • Sigh … another uninformed comment on your part . Mr Davis met this young woman at a wedding he attended . She had no particular credentials other than he developed an interest in her .

  3. Kinda old news. You just have to party with the right people to feed at the trough.
    She says she’s not proud of it, but she used to do people’s homework for money and also sold cheat sheets for tests

  4. I f someone does not get fired over this this is a travesty this is why fastbender does not concern himself with this. Because this is a drop in the bucket compared to what we dont know what there doing. Where is the premier to comment on this . Someone should be fired or step down over this!!!

  5. Drop in the bucket, considering the Liberal cabinet spends this much on coffee and soft drinks for meetings.
    No fault of the “report” author. She is doing what she believes to be right. The issue is with the individual who approved this, $16K of discretionary spending for a report that could have been authored by anyone in less than a week. (Yes, I have read it)

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