Computer glitch puts kids in care at risk

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Computer glitch puts kids in care at risk

The BC NDP say vulnerable children across the province are at risk due to a cross-ministry computer glitch.
Critic for Children and Families Carole James says the computer system has been down for at least six days.
James adds files on children in protective custody could be impacted.

“There are people who work nights when often many of those calls come in, when children need to be picked up. When it may be a risky situation to go in to. And if social workers aren’t able to access the system, if they aren’t able to find out what’s going on, it’s putting the children at risk, and it’s putting the staff at risk.”

James adds the technology has failed many times over the past two years since the government spent nearly 200-million dollars on the new system.



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  1. Making matters even worse, they cut spending in other areas to cover the $200 million they wasted on an unworkable computer system. Plus there is the cost of yet another one to replace it. Oh well.

  2. And one of the LIE BERALS stood up in question period last week and told a barefaced story about what a good deal they got from the people that sold them the computers and systems! Sound like the brightest and the best got sold snake oil!!!!

  3. To B and all those that are blinded by political dogma and salivate over political parties: And “they NDP’d our money away” are any different? It seems no matter what party gets elected we always get a bunch of south ends of northbound horses (with very few exceptions). The NDP’d wouldn’t be a lot different; although different enough that it makes those that pay the taxes more nervous than the current bunch. As Rafe says; don’t have to be a ’10′ when the opposition is a ’2′.

    Generally, poor decision making abilities seems to be epidemic in governments at all levels; and now being ‘ethically challenged’ (How about that for a PC term?) is becoming more common. I guess they are so focused on hiring the most appropriate PC candidates or trying to get votes for bribes, they forget those little qualities like honesty and competence. After all, it’s not their money they’re spending and we taxpayers aren’t really holding them accountable. Any wonder why our taxes are so high? Time to break out the pitchforks and torches!

    Hello Adrian, John and friends; hello Ms Clark and crew – get the message: Most people (taxpayers) in BC are ‘way past tired’ of hearing about increasing taxes instead of reducing spending. What a concept; try it you’ll like it. Now, where is that viable third party?

  4. At least it has only cost hundreds of millions not to fix the problems. It could have been much worse.

    The government’s favorite response to expensive boondoggles? “Oh well.”

    Are we getting close to the conditions that existed in France 1793 ?