Langley man arrested after attack, knifing at bus loop

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Langley man arrested after attack, knifing at bus loop

Langley police say they have a man in custody after a bizarre attack on a bus driver Saturday afternoon.

It started on a bus heading from Willowbrook Mall to the bus loop.

Police say an when a man who boarded seemed to be drinking the concerned driver called another driver to meet them at their destination.

When they asked him to leave the bus, police say he started swinging and once off the bus he pulled a knife and tried to stab a rider but didn’t make contact.

Then out of the blue a car drove up, two men got out and kicked the knife from the suspect’s hand then drove off.

The man took a swing at another driver who refused to let him on and police arrived soon after.

18 yer old Lance  James Flegel is in court tomorrow facing five charges including assault with a weapon.


    • David – we really have to find those evil people that interfered with that poor innocent “victim’s” right to use and carry a knife. The law must come down fully on these individuals. Or, we could just find them and thank them.
      Awaiting comments for those who think taking guns out of the hands of citizens will reduce crime – go ahead. I’m sure there would never be a switch to baseball bats, knives or even pepper spray.