Race for NDP leadership warming up

Vancouver, BC, Canada / (CKNW AM) AM980

We could soon see the very first entry into the race to succeed NDP leader Adrian Dix at the helm of the provincial New Democrats.  Burnaby MP Kennedy Stewart says he is looking very seriously at jumping in.

“Really I have been exploring entering the race to be BC NDP leader. I have been talking to people around the province. I have a team assembled that is helping me explore this and I have been hearing really good things. That doesn;t mean I am committed to getting in yet but I am leaning in that direction and really excited about the process.”

Stewart says he would not resign his position as NDP MP unless he decided to enter the provincial race and won it.  He met with his team last night to map out when to make an official announcement one way or another.



  1. Isn’t it interesting that on the same day the NDP are whining about a Pemberton MP holding a seat while also involved for a few more months in local Pemberton politics, Stewart is bragging about obviously taking considerable time away from Burnaby constituents who elected and pay him to represent the riding and chosing instead to chat up people around the Province, put together a campaign team and hold planning meetings about his future ambitions 3 years in the future? Adrian’s wisdom lives on.

    • Btw, has Kennedy Stewart been continuing to collect a $100k salary or will collect a $100k salary while he runs for the BC NDP leadership. A couple of things required to happen first before you set your hair on fire.

      1. He has to run for leadership
      2. He has to win the leadership.
      3. He has to run for a seat in the BC legislature.
      4. Someone has to step aside and create a vacancy.
      5. An election has to be called.
      6. He has to win.

      Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself-usual?

  2. Stewart says he would not resign his position as NDP MP unless he decided to enter the provincial race and won it.He said he will resign if he won, in the mean time I am sure he can do both. to say he will exit he job a few years later from commonsense, more paid liberal commentary! him Ron _26er right on que to defend and deflect away from their beloved Liberal/Cons.Next year guys warch for the recalls! hahaha!

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