CKNW Orphans Fund pledge drive raises more money than ever before

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CKNW Orphans Fund pledge drive raises more money than ever before

It’s a record.

CKNW’s 36th annual Orphans Fund pledge drive brought home over 1.9 million dollars.

More cash for the charity than ever before.

The fund’s executive director Jen Schaeffers explains where that money will go.

“Well this money will go directly to children with special needs. So whether that be individual grants for children that come from a low income household that need something extra for their development. That could be social, behavioral, physical, mental. We also do large grants to other organizations, non-profits, charities, focused on children.”

This year’s haul eclipses the previous record by $200 thousand.

Thanks to all who donated.


  1. Congrats! I wasn’t sure what kind of results you would get this year with everyone struggling to pay their mortgages. It looks like you did well.

    I like how businesses would come on and give their donations. Obviously, they were also getting prime advertising space to describe what they do when they were giving their donations but isn’t that what it should be all about? Getting a benefit while giving a benefit? That way everyone moves forward together. This is how business and charity works well together.

  2. Congratulations to the people of BC,and thankk you CKNW for doing this program on our behalf.
    This is EXACTLY the right way to help people in need.All or almost all of the money raised will go to help the people it is intended to help.The people who donate get far more bang for their bucks than if they had sent this money through the civil service,and on to government so that they could re-distribute what was left after they all took their handling costs right off of the top.I apply that same line of logic when I see charitable organizations that use half of our donations to pay administators and fund raisers.