Translink bosses get raises

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The four top executives at Translink all received pay raises last year.

Among them, C-E-O Ian Jarvis: his salary climbed to nearly 395-thousand dollars, an increase of nearly 12-thousand dollars.

The Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation says when you factor in pension contributions and benefits, his compensation package is more than 438-thousand dollars per year.

Last year, 141 Translink employees made six figures.

How to pay for badly needed transit expansion is one of the major issues facing Metro Vancouver in the years ahead.


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  1. Again TransLink escapes responsibility for its actions by giving raises to its executives. And they can’t understand that Translink’s purpose is to serve its customers. Let’s face it, the cost of collecting fares is a cost of doing business. Infrequent and cash-paying customers, including tourists, should not be penalized when TransLink takes their money. No wonder there are fare cheats.

    Regional hospital boards, Ferry Corporation are the other examples and the government is considering adopting a similar model for school districts and/or boards. Top executives continuw to receive high salaries and raises when front-line workers are told there is no money. Those front-line workers, wherever they work, are also told to move on if they don’t like it.

  2. Does that figure of “141 TransLink employees…” include the useless transit police? These 141 are raking in between $14 – 20 million/year I’m sure. How far would that go in funding the entire system?

    I read this article, and I sighed. What else can I do!? I’ve written to the useless mayors with no response. I’ve written to the useless transportation minister with a stupid response that didn’t even answer my questions or concerns.

    This group at TransLink is so out of touch with the people it is supposed to serve, it’s unbelievable. Who approved these raises? Or is this like MLA’s and Mayors/councils who get to vote themselves raises? I agree with Leon, we need a freakin’ un-hockey related riot.

  3. The line for the revolt rorms on the right. Completely out of touch. Where is the Provincial Government in all this mess can they not step up and make the changes necessary for this crap to ease once and for all?

  4. We don’t need a riot – we just need to send a message to Translink … A strong message

    How about everyone stop using transit services for a week. Form carpools or do what ever it takes – but leave the buses and skytrains empty !! T

    • It should they at the transit board, are BC liberals supporters Campbell self appointed this board and gave them this Gig.. Come to think of it the Liberals could take it away but the heat will come down on the Liberals, so i think they like the status quo.