One Card needs tougher controls, say some

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One Card needs tougher controls, say some

Members of the Vision-Vancouver dominated park board have been trumpeting some 30,000 people signing up for the new OneCard. But the president of a group representing one community centre claims the numbers are fudged.

Ainslie Kwan, president of the Killarney Community Centre Association, claims people are simply signing up for the all-access pass to use a facility for free.

“At Kerrisdale (Community Centre), three quarters of the people that are coming in to pick up the OneCard – they are not even loading any services on the cards, which tells us they are simply walking in the door to get the three free visits.”

Kwan adds the park board’s membership numbers are artificially high because there is no residency requirement.

“Look at how hot the weather has been, all these outdoor pools that have been booming. If you walk up from Calgary and say ‘I want to pay to go swimming, hey, sign up for a OneCard, the visit will be free.”

She claims Vancouver taxpayers are subsidizing the visits to the tune of $100,000.

Vision Vancouver members of the Park Board have not yet returned calls for comment.


  1. Say it isn’t so !! Some one from vIsion Vancouver misconstruing facts to prove their agenda ??
    That’s just not possible with their ” big brother knows best” style of government is it ?
    I mean if we can’t trust Vision Vancouver who can we trust ?
    They want to do all the thinking and planning for us , and know what’s best for us … So I am confused now!!
    After all, when the liberated the funds from the community centers – it was for our benefit – wasn’t it ??

    • My goodness you are starting to sound as cynical as I am. But be careful – the “Moonies” may know who you are and have you in for indoctrination – oops sorry, I mean sensitivity training. Gotta be PC!
      Just remember socialism is for YOU not the socialist. Ditto for communism and all the other good “isms”. Our ‘good president’ to our south and all the Progressive “Moonies” are prime examples of this.