Translink facing backlash over “double transit fee”

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Translink facing backlash over "double transit fee"

An online petition is gaining steam over bus riders having to pay twice if they want to transfer to the Skytrain under Translink’s new fare card system.

As CKNW first reported back in October, once the new Compass card starts up in the fall, people who pay cash to ride the bus and then want to transfer to Skytrain will have to pay a second time.

That’s because the paper bus tickets are not compatible with the new Compass fare gate system.

Glyn Lewis, 29, has launched an online petition against what he calls the “double transit fee.”

“That is completely ridiculous. I understand they are bringing in a new pass system, but by their own admission at least six thousand people will be impacted by this.”

That number of 6,000 people having to pay a second time has been called into question.

As of 7 p.m., more than 500 people have added their names since the petition went live Wednesday morning.

Translink spokesman Derek Zabel reiterates that Compass Card users will not have to pay twice,  only passengers who pay for their bus fare with coins.

He says updating the system so that paper cash tickets would be accepted at Skytrain would have been too expensive,  at a cost of $25 million.

The petition can be found here.


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  1. I never saw CKNW report this before. I saw something about kinks in the card, but they seemed to have completely missed the angle of double payment………. a bit crappy to take credit for a story like that.

  2. Folks are mad about having to pay closer to the true cost of transit

    I tend to agree with them though. People who pay with cash should not be discriminated against and they might have grounds for a class action

  3. Think of it as an incompetence tax; either that or TransLink is so corrupted they will do anything to get a few more bucks to support their outrageous spending. That’s what you get with bureaucracies that are really not directly accountable to the people who pay their salaries.
    Fire the whole bunch of morons.
    As for the so-called “Top Dog” (as they used to be called) – they just ain’t what they used to be. The NW I used to know has been replaced by a bunch of lightweights.

  4. The problem goes back to the original decision surrounding the use of fare gates and reliance on the “honour” system.
    If it had been done properly from the ‘get-go’ the brain trusts at TransLink wouldn’t have to be constantly changing the system of payment and monitoring. Now they complain about the $25M that would be needed to accept the cash tickets on Skytrain. All of these decisions fall on those doing the planning and managing of the system. They installed the system, not the users.

    With each new plan, they seem to get themselves in deeper and deeper. When you do it right the first time, it is much less costly than having to constantly revise the system. Yet they have the nerve to issue a photo with them and the new compass card as if they are doing a wonderful job. I would prefer to see them standing behind a giant ‘pink slip’ (for the perverts – no not the kind you wear). These characters need to be held accountable for their constant mess-ups.

  5. I remember WAC bennet saying these guys could not run a popcorn stand if you gave them ,the NDP, free corn. Am i sensing the same business acumen here?

  6. There is a simple solution. Put in a device at all stations that accept the bus pass and spits out a transferable compass card. No need to change the gates and the device would be quite small.